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What is DenPlan?
Our Corporate Dental Plan is a great perk for an employee. But it’s also good news for the employer.
For a start, it cuts down on time taken off work for trips to the dentist (we have appointments available on evenings and Saturdays so your employees can get to us outside normal work hours). It reduces administration by your HR department as well as by the employee. Whereas dental insurance involves paying for the treatment, getting a receipt, filling in a claim form and sending it to the insurance company, our plan requires none of the above.

Our plan provides security for your employee & their families to avoid hefty expenditures in case of dental treatments. We also cover skin care treatments for your employee & their family.

  • Listing ID: 14129
  • Founder Name: Dr.Saad Ahmed
  • Year Founded: 2017
  • Social Media Link: https://www.facebook.com/DentalHubCartier/
  • Problem Your Startup is Solving:  Benefits for the Employer:
    1.Reduces the time employees spend away from the workplace for dental visits
    2.Very little administration for the HR department.
    3.Can be used as part of a rewards scheme.
    4.Inexpensive,cost-effective & flexible plans.

     Benefits for the Employee:
    1.Early morning to late evening appointments and available on Sundays.
    2.Same-day appointments for emergencies
    3.95% of patients seen within five minutes.
    4.Qualified & Specialized Practice (All Specialists On-board)
    5.Only 10% of members need treatment not covered by the plan.
    Features of our DenPlan: (12 Months Contract)
    Members are entitled to have benefits for (12 months)
  • Products & Services:  Premium Package : Rs.19,999/- (Per Year)
    1.Free Consultations & Appointments for member & registered family.
    2.UltraSonic Scaling & Whitening Polishing (×4)
    3.Any relevant X-rays & In- Practice Diagnosis.
    4.Any emergency consultations
    5.Tooth Coloured Fillings & Restorations (×2)
    6.Extractions (×2)
    7. Root Canal Treatment (Includes Crown) (×2)

    Further Skin Care treatments can also be added to the plan
  • Business/Startup Name: DenSkin Plan by Esthetic & Dental Hub Cartier
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