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Gameotivity is a Blockchain-based gaming platform. The platform includes a game store where users can download and play games, as well as a gaming collectible NFT marketplace. Developers may also list their games on the games store using this platform. The goal of Gameotivity is to provide a fun and profitable Blockchain gaming experience with NFT support.
To begin, Play to Earn is both pricey and tedious. Gameotivity has transformed the principle of play to earn into “The More You Play, The More You Earn.” Gameotivity is a platform built on the power of cross-chain platforms (eth, BSC, sol, aaave, avax). Gameotivity also offers a smartphone app that allows you to earn cryptocurrency by playing your favorite games on your phone. Gameotivity will keep track of your time and provide you g points based on how much time you spend playing, and those g points can be exchanged for Gameotivity tokens. As an Airdrop, Gameotivity gives out upgraded NFT (free of Cost). Your NFT will be improved based on how much time you spent playing and how high you leveled up your account. Gamers will be awarded free NFT, which may be upgraded depending on the account’s level. With the amount of time you spend playing, the account’s level will rise.
Our platform is unique because it facilitates both gamers and developers where gamers can play games and developers can submit games. It will provide a play store for developers to submit and advertise their games. Gameotivity is built on the PROOF OF ACTIVITY blockchain, which is expected to become the fastest blockchain shortly. The Gameotivity protocol is a next-generation blockchain that operates on the principle of proof of activity. This implies that our system will be powered by user activity on our platform.
Gameotivity NFT is an important aspect of our NFT ecosystem. We will launch our NFT, which will be integrated with our ecosystem. In our perspective, the introduction of NFTs is part of a larger paradigm shift away from centralized to decentralized systems. It cannot be duplicated or transmitted without the authorization of the user. NFT holders will be able to buy and sell their NFTs on Gameotivity’s decentralized marketplace. In a nutshell, Gameotivity brings together various opportunities under one roof.

  • Listing ID: 14337
  • Founder Name: Nabeel khayal
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Social Media Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gameotivity/
  • Problem Your Startup is Solving: Converting traditional gaming into web3 gaming, allowing local user to buy NFT’s with local fintech applications.
  • Products & Services: Gameotivity app
  • Business/Startup Name: Gameotivity
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