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We are creating clean alternate energy sources that are reliable, sustainable, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. Energy is a basic need and with the increasing population, the demand for heat energy is also rising in every sector whereas the natural resources needed to generate that energy are declining. Available alternates are expensive, unsafe and not reliable, creating several socio-economic issues and leading to the closure of industrial units.
We are proposing the best alternative for domestic, commercial, and industrial heat energy requirements. Biomass fuel in the form of bio rods and premium pallets is a renewable energy source that is not only cheaper than other alternatives but is safer for the environment too. Our fuel sources provide maximum temperature as of natural gas and woods. It saves your cost up to 40% with even supply and no pressure downfall.
We started working on this idea a year ago. It has been a difficult journey, from delayed payments to bottlenecks in rural areas. However convincing the industry to use a renewable energy source was the most difficult part of it all. To fix this issue, we shifted our branding from a green energy source to cost saving solution and that worked. Visiting different industries, researching raw materials and meeting vendors were the areas requiring high energy and motivation. We created a supply chain for raw material pick up in bulk from remote areas.
We believe this concept will change the dynamics of energy sector and industry, with increase production and better economy. We are committed to strengthen the roots of country with our responsible production and consumption.

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  • Founder Name: Muhammad Mohsin Kareem
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Social Media Link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100084435291011
  • Problem Your Startup is Solving: Energy crisis, specifically the natural gas shortage. The available alternates in market are expensive, unsafe and not environment friendly.
  • Products & Services: Manufacturing bio mass fuels in the form of Bio Rods and Premium Pellets.
  • Business/Startup Name: Pak BioEnergy
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