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Procurosis is an emerging digital e-sourcing technology platform in Pakistan; we provide cloud based B2B e-sourcing solutions to businesses for digital transformation.
Our platform consists of three key solutions;
a) e-Sourcing solutions
b) e-Procurement Solutions
c) e-Inquiry management system

It connects buyers and vendors on a single place, transforms your sourcing process and helps you making best and faster sourcing decisions; It gives you smart buying opportunity and enables you to get access on complete supply chain network, It reduces your procurement cost,

Procurosis provides cloud base inquiry management system to vendors that
automates sales process, generates new leads, discover and collaborates with new
Key Features:
1) Integrates buyers and vendors.
2) Saves procurement cost.
3) Automates procurement process.
4) Transparency in procurement process.
5) Gives decision making insights.
6) Generates new business leads.

Key Benefits for Buyers:
Our e-procurement platform helps corporate business sector by providing
access on complete supplier network. There are varieties of key benefits for
buyers of using procurosis cloud base e-procurement platform.
1) Saves your procurement cost Automates your procurement process
2) Helps in making better sourcing decisions
3) Customizable approvals
4) Faster contract execution
5) Negotiations
6) Approved vendor enlistments
7) Discount requests
8) Real time coordination with vendors
9) Access anytime anywhere
10) Seamless procurement
11) Gives you ease for submitting RFQ`s
12) Valid quotations
13) Estimates procurement cost
14) Ensures transparency Real time coordination
15) Team management
16) Get price quotations of your own term
Key Benefits For Vendors:
Our cloud base e-inquiry management system automates sales inquiries,
generate new leads for corporate vendors. There are various benefits to
facilitate our registered vendors.
1) Automates your sale inquiries
2) New business leads generation
3) Real-time coordination with buyers
4) Maintains sales documents
5) Sales team management
6) Increases market penetration
7) Get reminder notifications for quote submission
8) Submit quotation at your own terms
9) Discovers and collaborates with new buyers
10) Automates your sale inquiries
11) Gives you ease for submitting quotation
12) Access anytime anywhere
13) Get approved as prequalified vendor
14) Valid requests for quotations
15) Profile management
16 )Saves your sales time
17 )Catalog management
18 )Saves your sales cost

  • Listing ID: 13778
  • Founder Name: Qasim Ali
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Social Media Link: https://www.facebook.com/procurosis
  • Problem Your Startup is Solving: There is no professional platform in Pakistan which is connecting B2B businesses. Our cloud-based e-sourcing solution is bridging the gap.
  • Products & Services: a) e-Sourcing solutions
    b) e-Procurement Solutions
    c) e-Inquiry management system
  • Business/Startup Name: Procurosis Pvt Ltd
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