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Sahal was founded in 2020 and got inducted in the SECP Regulatory Sandbox Cohort Session 2. Sahal is Pakistan’s First Ever regulated e-KYC solution. ‘Sahal Verifai’ is an AI based facial verification and document verification system that helps users verify identification of user for the digital onboarding and account login into digital accounts. Facial recognition is a biometric technology that utilizes unique facial features to recognize individuals. This product can be used in remote customer onboarding, digital account login, KYC and KYB procedures to minimize risks in customer and client onboarding. It also helps establish trust in a business relationship and gives an organization insight into the nature of customer activities. Today’s plethora of innumerable photos, videos and digitally available documents make the ideal dataset for this technology to work. Through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities, Sahal Verifai mathematically maps unique facial features to compare patterns in documents available and the visual data stored in the database.

More details can be viewed on our website: www.sahal.ai

  • Listing ID: 7728
  • Founder Name: Abdul Ahad, Abdul Wahab Majeeb, Hamzah Azeem, Usman Mushtaq
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Social Media Link: https://www.facebook.com/sahal.verifai
  • Problem Your Startup is Solving: The whole country has witnessed the shortcomings of this verification system, such as fraudulent actions (Opening of Benami Accounts via Impersonation of citizens) and inability to capture fingerprints of citizens over the age of 60. Biometrics may be new in Pakistan but the new technology NADRA introduced is not curbing identity theft as expected, due to a number of limitations and the easily availability of false documentation.

    Sahal Verifai’s vision is to not only cater to the obstacles above but also to address potential challenges that may arise while verifying the identity of customers. Identity theft while opening accounts is only possible in today’s world due to the ease with which fingerprint biometric protocols can be bypassed.
    A much more secure alternative is to deploy an AI based facial biometric verification and document verification system that we, at Sahal offer in order to help entities verify identification of a user during digital onboarding. Facial biometric technology utilizes unique facial features to recognize individuals.
  • Products & Services: SAHAL KYC PORTAL

    What: End to End KYC Process, Facial Biometric, Document OCR, Digital Signature, FATCA/Basic Registration form, AML/CFT.
    Use-case: Customer onboarding for remote account opening in accordance with SBP Guidelines.


    What: Customer Facial Biometric, Facial Verification against customer ID Document photograph and ID Document OCR.
    Use-case: Customer onboarding for account opening in branchless banking and asset management companies.


    What: Customer verification through centralized facial database developed through facial onboarding.
    Use-case: Password-less login, 2 Factor Authentication, Secure Building Access, In-branch Face Match.


    What: Facial verification as Digital Signature.
    Use-case: Customer signature for customer account onboarding.


    What: Video Recorded session for information verification with an agent.
    Use-case: High risk customer account opening, Customer consent for cross selling.
  • Business/Startup Name: Sahal Verifai
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30 east fazal-e-haq road, Royal Plaza, Ground Floor, Bluearea, IslamabadIslamabad,44000 Show Phone Number [email protected] http://www.sahal.ai

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