Aerospace Startup Reveals New Modular Lunar Rover For Carrying People And Cargo On The Moon

Aerospace startup Venturi Astrolab revealed its new interplanetary rover designed to transport cargo and people across the surface of the Moon and eventually Mars. The company says it plans to build a fleet of these rovers over the coming decade to help NASA and commercial companies establish a long-term presence on the Moon.

Called FLEX, for Flexible Logistics and Exploration, the rover can crouch down and lift payloads up from the surface of the Moon, carrying them under its belly before depositing them at their intended location. 

With its “modular payload concept,” it can carry many different types of objects, so long as they are built to an agreed-upon standard of size and shape. In keeping with its name FLEX, the rover can maneuver semi-autonomously, be controlled remotely or it can even be modified to include a crew interface, allowing astronauts to ride on the rover while guiding it through lunar terrain.

The goal of FLEX and ultimately Astrolab is to capitalize on the world’s renewed push to send people back to the Moon, according to Jaret Matthews, Astrolab’s CEO. Currently, NASA is working to send the first woman and the first person of color to the Moon through the space agency’s Artemis program. 

Cpanies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are solving the long haul transportation problem, and we want to solve the local transportation problem and ultimately set the standard for lunar logistics,” Matthews