An Odyssey: From Life to Business Partners 

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An Odyssey: From Life to Business Partners –  True rags to riches example of a couple who started with nothing and achieved financial freedom not only themselves but are impacting millions of livelihoods through their persistent efforts, strategic approach, visionary choices and commitment to serve.


Having a supportive life partner can help you be stable emotionally, financially and morally. The word “Zouj” translates to a “friend” who will understand you, accommodate you, grow with you and care for you. And this power couple has decided to set the right example of a partnership based on collective growth. 

Life is a continuous struggle for survival and success. This is the best era to make a living then how come most of us are not making enough?

Dankash envisions enabling every individual to become self-sustainable using the internet for their growth.

The post-pandemic opportunity from analog to the digital world is a defining moment in history where we can train and plug our resources into the international market encouraging freelancing, self-employment, eCommerce and digital marketing to bring foreign remittance, investment, exposure, better life quality and lead to innovation and creativity from national to global scale.

Dankash is a unique story of a dynamic entrepreneurial couple who is creating commendable history in the business world and wonderfully depicted the beauty and strength of marriage as an institution. The road to success was a rollercoaster ride for them, yet they were resilient and steadfast throughout the ups and downs of their lives. After witnessing their journey, it is undeniable that magic can be created when two people with integrity, passion, and purity combine their efforts. They have undoubtedly created the enchantment not just for themselves, but also for their mutual goal was to add value to the lives of others and to convince them that they, too, are capable of making themselves valuable.

Kashif is a digital marketing guru with 2 decades of experience in the IT industry. His first Ecommerce startup was in 2003 when he planned an online pharmacy. Soon he realized his idea was too early for this market and continued to work in other spectrums.

Running a full-service digital agency in the international market Kash has not just built his online businesses rather has helped hundreds of online businesses in the US strengthen their online presence and trained entrepreneurs to successfully execute their ideas.

He’s a prominent Mentor, Investor, futurist and infopreneur in Pakistan, with a solution-oriented mind. He was also nominated by Who’s WHO as a Top IT Entrepreneur and featured mainstream print, electronic and digital media, Edtech Events, and seminars.  

Dania is a gold medalist in Business Studies, a published author, public speaker, social activist and a success coach.

Nominated by WCCI as the Tech Entrepreneur of the year in 2019, Featured in mainstream print, electronic and digital media, Edtech Events, and seminars. 

Her debut story won a competition among 9 different countries. 

DanKash’s struggle began in 2013, shortly after their marriage, when they were going through a financially rough patch. They were in a “do or die” position at the moment since they had no idea how they would spend the rest of their lives or feed their children. 

Both found a way to make their passions a path out of their financially precarious situation. They began freelancing and bidding on projects related to content writing as Dania had a good grasp of the language, this is how they adopted freelancing to get out of the economic crisis. They spread awareness about freelancing as a scalable and independent model. This is why they embarked on a journey of freelancing with the goal of creating a self-sustaining income model for themselves and others.

Behind every top-notch film, there is always a slew of BTS to ensure that the visuals are flawless and marvelous. The entire crew work tirelessly day and night, in all weather conditions, to make it a masterpiece. In DanKash’s entrepreneurial film; there was no crew, no cast, and no equipment behind it. They were the authors, directors, producers, and major lead actors of their life picture together, and they remained consistent and went to great lengths to make it wonderful. Hence, there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Everything comes at a cost, and we are supposed to pay it. While narrating the initial days of their struggle they mentioned; “for the first five years, we totally disappeared from the scene. We had no social life, no personal life, or even no time for ourselves. We used to work for eighteen to twenty hours per day to make our dream possible.”  

They were going through a difficult period when Kashif’s previous partnership failed and lived hand to mouth for consecutive two to three months. This time has made their bond even stronger than before and they work even harder to make their life better. Dania was pregnant in the second month of her marriage. Her devotion to her husband is commendable. She worked tirelessly around the clock, oblivious to her own health. On a daily basis, she used to write 36000 words for her clients. Her dedication to her work and sincerity to her husband is incredible. Even she continued to work in her labor pains since she could not afford to lose her one-year-long client. “I was shivering and sweating, but I finished my articles first and then went to the hospital. We had to deal with major complications during delivery as a result of the late action” she narrated. That was a watershed moment in their lives. Not only were they blessed with a baby child, but the experience also taught them the importance of sticking to one’s commitments is a key to success. It bolstered both of them; not only had they become parents, but they had also kept their word during a critical time. After that day, there was no hardship that could weaken them and refrain them from not fulfilling their commitment. They had scrupulously adhered to the rule of underpromising and overdelivering. 

Despite their unwavering commitment to their work, they encountered setbacks and challenges in their entrepreneurial framework. They didn’t start their business once or twice. However, they had to start over several times. They put it in a way; “Every setback or poor experience in our entrepreneurial journey has always been a learning lesson. We have made mistakes in the past by relying on the wrong clients, forming the wrong team, and failing to make the correct decision at the appropriate moment. However, our greatest entrepreneurial strength has always been our faith in Allah Almighty, and also we have never compromised on our values.” This can be compared to an event in which a foreign client said to Dania, “You Paki woman, you cannot talk to me like that. You will be on the road.” And she was clear in her thoughts like a boss lady and replied to him:” I don’t mind being on the roads. I have been on the roads a number of times.” Hence this was the attitude to which they both remained adherent and have not compromised their values for the sake of money or feigning success. Indeed, they both had taken conscious little steps towards their journey and had not adopted the shortcuts to attain their goals and desires. 

In DanKash’s restless journey, it was the sheer struggle with the ingredient of mutual trust and effort that shaped DanKash into what it is today. They expanded their business four years after starting in 2013, with a bigger vision and objective. DanKash is an online institute that assists people of all ages, races, colors, identities, and nationalities in discovering their passion, honing their skills, and building a career or business. The essence of DanKash has remained the same, which is to turn your passion into a path to success while keeping your resources in mind. They first adopted this path to achieve their ambition, and now they’re working on it for the greater good.

The mission of DanKash is to ensure that every Pakistani contributes to the country’s economy and every Pakistani should be able to make more than 2 lacs a month, give up herd mentality and understand the ethical grounds of doing business internationally. People turn to them for advice on how to attain a way of earning. They assist the community in identifying their abilities and interests and then provide a platform for them to hone the skills in which they excel. This is how they are spreading positivity and happiness in society through their initiative. They want this chain to continue and every Pakistani must become financially independent. They had supported each other along their journey, and now they had reached a point where they could make a difference in other people’s lives. They define success, not in terms of accolades and honors, but in terms of a sense of pride and accomplishment when they are acknowledged by the people to whom they are providing assistance and services. 

Kashif expressed it this way: “Our goal was to organize food for 100 people after two years of our struggle.” It was not the conventional approach of offering meals to others, but by doing so, we meant that we would undoubtedly become a light in the lives of at least 100 people, enabling them to earn money and become self-sufficient in financial terms. Indeed, this is the crux of DanKash’s odyssey!

DanKash’s Advice to Married Couples 

If you’re going to live together, why not work together for the rest of your lives? You almost certainly have similar ambitions for your children and your own lives. This is the shared ground upon which you can collaborate as business partners and so achieve common goals. When two people work together, they can go above and beyond to accomplish something amazing. Couples should converse about their shared interests because it is essential to the success of their marriage. They can help each other to set shared goals and pursue mutual interests by encouraging and motivating each other. For them, husband and wife must collaborate and share their responsibilities. Husbands and wives should work together and share their burdens with each other.

If there is a woman behind every successful guy, there is also a woman behind every unsuccessful man. It is simple to prepare food using the materials accessible in a home, but it is far more complicated to ensure that all of the necessary ingredients are on hand. As a result, wives must assist their husbands in sharing the financial load, and husbands should acknowledge and credit their wives’ contributions. This is how they can work together to make their marital life more beautiful!

Lessons to Learn from DanKash Journey

Dream: To get started, it’s necessary to first daydream about it. DanKash first imagined themselves where they are now. They had a vision of creating a platform for themselves and others, where they could collaborate at equity and help others realize their dreams. So, first and foremost, dream, and always dream big!

Awareness: A must-have ingredient is an awareness. It is mandatory that you are aware of your abilities as well as market demand. It is critical to have knowledge of the most recent market trends and demands. A 21-day formula is being executed at DanKash for the client’s benefit. They devise an evaluation strategy for their customer in order to assess their interests, skills, and abilities. Then they figure out what will work best for their client. As a result, by seeking awareness, the success rate is assured.

Hard work: We’re all aware that achieving certain goals necessitates a lot of hard work. The idea is that we all get hopeless at times. This is why we give up the struggle and don’t wait for the outcomes. We must realize that dedication and hard work go a long way. Build blind confidence in the power of hard work. It never fails to pay off. DanKash remained dedicated and fought tirelessly throughout their journey to fulfill their dream.

DanKash’s Winning formula: Awareness+Insights+ Action=Desired New Reality