Nabeel Qadeer

How will BlockChain Change the Tech Industry? 

We have all seen various eras of computing. From the mainframes of the 1960s and 1970s to desktops in the 1980s and 1990s followed by cloud computing of the 2000s where data center companies like Google and Facebook owned all user data, the world is now transitioning into the next era of computing – the era where our data will be owned by us and no third-party platforms. 


Disruption takes years. It takes persistence, resilience and undeterred belief in the larger vision of the startup. It requires bravery. After laying the foundation during the past decade, Pakistan’s startup ecosystem is taking its first steps in that direction.

Water Crisis In Pakistan

Pakistan is the third most affected country by an acute water shortage, as ranked in an IMF study. Global warming and climate change have affected the monsoon season and annual rainfall received.

Our Youth & The 5 E’s

Pakistan’s beauty lies in its diversity diversity of its people, culture and landscape. It is also this diversity that poses a challenge in policy formulation in a way that it celebrates heterogeneity yet sets a nationalist outlook.

An Agricultural Pakistan–A Necessity

Since its inception, Pakistan has always primarily been an agriculturereliant economy. With the Green Revolution of the 60\’s being a growth impetus, the sector contributes around 18% to the GDP, employs 42% of the total labour force, and constitutes 75% of total exports revenue.