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Avalon Introduces Pakistan’s First Technological City

valon has launched Pakistan’s first technological city, Avalon City Islamabad, for people looking for economic residences that are also environmentally friendly. The project’s goal is to provide residents with advanced technological solutions to solve their daily problems and keep them entertained with advanced services such as 3D theaters, virtual theaters, Wi-Fi trees, electric bikes, and other tech-based smart living solutions.

The Co-Founder of Spades, a payments solution based in the UAE, warns startups against “aggressive customer acquisition”

Adnan Haque, co-founder of a contactless payments solution used in 200 restaurants in the UAE, believes that startups that add value to a consumer’s life will last in Pakistan, and he advocates against aggressive customer acquisition. His remarks come at a difficult time for Pakistan’s startup community.

Due to fraud, Amazon has suspended over 13,000 Pakistani seller accounts

Last year, on May 21, Amazon gave the opportunity to register seller accounts in Pakistan allowing Pakistani vendors to sell their items without needing to contact their overseas relatives to open an account for them. However, many Pakistanis took advantage of this opportunity, and Amazon has begun to actively suspend any Pakistani account that is involved in any type of fraud.