Usman Ahmed

The Key To Job Creation

According to World Economic Forum report, Pakistan ranked 126th out of 140 countries. Another survey of Human Development Index report says, 60.3% of Pakistan\’s population lives on under $1 a day.

Exclusive Interview With Haroon Rashid

My chief aim in life is to create content whether it be music, animation, movies, or comic books that impact people in a positive manner. I truly believe that it is my duty as someone who is in a privileged position to help bring about a positive social change. 

Ingredients of a Successful Startup Ecosystem

A new ranking of the world’s “best startup ecosystems” is out — and the results don’t look good for Pakistan. In a Global Countries Ranking of Startup Ecosystem by Startup Blink, Pakistan drops from no. 61 to no. 82. This means Pakistan is falling behind many other countries, such as India, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Kenya, …

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The Future of e-Commerce in 2021

COVID-19 shows the future not the end of globalization. The interesting news for the online sellers is that the shift to online consumption looks to be a permanent behavior change across different demographics and countries including Pakistan and India. Shopify reported that 86% of Indians have adopted online shopping during the pandemic indicating accelerated adoption …

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Prophet Muhammad as an Entrepreneur (PBUH)

Honesty & truthfulness were two characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that enabled him to revolutionize the people of Arabia. He was not only a statesman, a reformer, a strategist but also a very rich and respected trader. He never talked about the business plan or the idea but always emphasized on how to develop certain …

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Integrity – An Essential Quality of an Entrepreneur

Trustworthiness, commitment, and integrity made Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), a successful entrepreneur. Just before the prophetic period, he invested time and energy to establish his business and turned out to be a wealthy trader in Arabia within 10 years of operations. Focusing on global linkages, he traveled all across Yemen, Syria, Basra, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, and …

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