Entrepreneurship in Islam

Stories That Can Transform You As An Entrepreneur

The requirement of mankind has given rise to business. Men in early society met their needs by trading commodities with one another. One had a specific commodity, whereas the others had a variety of commodities. As a result, people bartered with one another, which is known as the Barter system. It was, however, only successful for a short time. It was also not possible to exchange goods for goods because of gradual increase of man’s diverse needs and demands. Human beings started to produce goods for making profits instead of exchanging goods. As a result, they devised several units of measurement for the exchange of products, such as the rare snail, oyster, stone, and so on. However, it was only successful for a short time. Metal coins, banknotes, and other forms of currency were later used to exchange products. In this way, corporate operations have progressed over time.