How Leyjao.pk Reinvented Online Shopping Post-Pandemic

When the pandemic hit last year, thousands of sellers had to shut down and people were forced into lockdown. Panicked shoppers stripped stores of hands sanitizers, soap and groceries. Getting our lives back to normal seemed like a distant dream. In these tough times, Leyjao.pk, Pakistan’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace figured out how to use this rather unpleasant situation and turn it around. Finally, small sellers, consumers and workers – are all winning. 

How to Grow your Business through Digital Marketing in 2022

Digital marketing is continuously evolving and expanding, but some significant changes are expected in 2022. Companies and brands must not only strategize for the future of digital marketing but also be ready to prosper on it. During the COVID-19 pandemic last year, marketers embraced digital transformation more than ever before as they reacted to continuously changing virtual and hybrid corporate landscapes.


Pandora Queen is a brand that creates jewelry or customized pieces of jewelry based on what customers want to wear in order to feel satisfied and beautiful.

Onion Crypto Signals

People who want to trade cryptocurrencies and those who are already trading in cryptocurrency face losses due to market movement. And they can not figure out which coin to buy or sell according to market movements. And those who are not facing losses sometimes cannot figure out which coin has potential to grow, as there are 10,000+ cryptocurrencies and it is humanly not possible to look them all and decide the next move of market. So, here comes Onion Crypto Signals Mobile App.

 Never Give Up!

 Oddly, hearing a story is always inspiring. There’s a struggle at the beginning and something great always at the end. In real life, however, there is no end to the struggle. There’s always something to be dealt with. There are prosperous peaks, but there are milestones and a never-ending journey. My journey is as life-like as can be. It’s a continuing struggle. There is a pleasure I’ve seen within this chaos. 


Phantom Republic®, inspired by our grandfather’s (Haji. Zahoor Elahi) legacy Great Heart Gallant (G.H Gallant) which he founded in 1933 Sialkot City (Before Partition) India, is also its Trademark. The company introduced its products by making its first export in 1941. British government who was the ruler of India at that time was also one of the buyers of our products, which was a pride for our company.

Lahore Stores

Lahorestores.com is a homegrown ecommerce marketplace that caters to the all customer needs and plans to become the number one online retailer in the region, supporting a dynamic digital economy for both consumers and local businesses. lahorestores.com is setting a new design standard for online shopping in the region.


I’m Vivek Anand aka Slim Coder, I introduced Slim Coder to the world when I was listening to the best rapper of all time Eminem aka Slim Shady back in 2020, I started Slim Coder as a personal brand instead of using my name, because I was a very shy person back in 2020 and then started my brand with 0 Investment by creating a GitHub account with a low-quality logo which I found on the internet, and then started creating tech content on different platforms as Slim Coder i.e Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc and now I’m a micro-influencer with more than 10K+ audience combined on all platforms. We have a team of more than 10 people working together to achieve our goals, which is to fix the education system and teach students computer skills globally now we are everywhere on all social media platforms.