There was a time when the world was moving at a fast pace till the sunset of 2019. Everyone was making preparations to celebrate a new year and busy in making their new year resolutions to welcome 2020 with great zeal. But who knew that the year would bring the strings of sorrows, grief, loss, and unforeseen circumstances. Yes… 2019 was the year when coronavirus erupted first in the month of November.

In Pakistan, on 26th February 2020, the first two cases were recorded- (a student in Karachi who had just returned from Iran and another person in the Islamabad Capital Territory). Well, eventually, the pandemic spread throughout the world. The contagious virus has killed millions of people from around the globe. On 18th March 2020, cases had been registered in all four provinces. And day by day, the situation was getting worst economically.

According to previous researches, it has been recorded that the covid-19 has affected the large number of people around the world. And this engulfed thousands of lives in the first quarter of 2020.

Initially, there was a large number of masses in the society who were not ready to accept the reality. They came up with different conspiracy theories to deny this fact, but time has proved everyone wrong as it was reported that the death toll was increased in almost every country in the world. Consequently, the covid-19 built fear amongst all which was based on the findings and number of reported cases that the media given in newspapers and on their digital media platforms.

After the eruption of ongoing pandemic, the world’s economy has been changed. The lockdown was imposed all over the world. The entire education system became worst. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and this way, the ratio of unemployment have been increased in major countries of the world.

Moreover, the pandemic had an impact on large and small businesses. On the other hand, plans, schedules, meetings, festivals, and even all outdoor and physical activities were delayed, canceled, and moved online. Apart from these consequences, the biggest one was the global shock that lasted its impact on supply and demand in the interconnected world. Also, it has impacted on stock markets since the start of coronavirus outbreak.
The outbreak has left national economies and businesses feeling the bad effects of the overall circumstances. While the government struggled to take initiatives to mitigate the issue. However, after taking several measures by the government, Pakistan received first consignment of coronavirus vaccine on 8th May 2021 in Islamabad via COVAX Facility.

In the light of measures including lockdown, closure of schools, workplaces and international borders in order to contain the spread of the virus, and vaccination dozes, the current situation seems better than before. There is no exact statistics to compare the outbreak
Pakistan has experienced during the ongoing pandemic since the beginning of 2019 till present. According to the research, 1.2M was recorded infectious cases in Pakistan as of now- which is the lowest ratio as compared to other countries including Malaysia (2.5M), Turkey (8.5M), Indonesia (4.2M), Iran (6M), India (34.5M), and so on.

While if we talk about death toll, 28.6K has been recorded in Pakistan. Among other countries, the statistics varies. Turkey recorded 75.2K, Indonesia (143.7K), Philippines (47.2K), and the data varies in every country. According to the statistics given by the Government of Pakistan, it has recorded 14,862 active cases and 1,238,980 have been recovered as of last quarter of 2021. However, comparatively, coronavirus infectious are decreasing in Pakistan, with 331 new infectious reported on average daily basis. Pakistan have been administered 1,282,195 infections and 28,663 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic started. Moreover, Pakistan’s 28% of the population has been vaccinated and at least 121,158,338 doses of COVID vaccines so far.