Could The War In Ukraine Trigger A Global Food Crisis?

From tremors in global energy markets to a growing refugee crisis in Europe, the repercussions of Ukraine’s war are strongly being felt all around the world. And one of the far-reaching effects is shaping up to be a global food crisis. Because of the ongoing war, a crucial amount of the world’s wheat, corn, and barley has been trapped in Russia and Ukraine, according to AP News.

It doesn’t end there either, as an even larger portion of the world’s fertilizers is stuck in Russia and Belarus. This could have profound impacts on global food supplies, dramatically affecting hunger and food security across the world. 

Russia and Ukraine are accounted for roughly 30 percent of global wheat exports, 17 percent of global corn exports, 32 percent of global barley exports, and 75 percent of global sunflower seed oil exports over the last five years.

The United Nations estimated earlier this month that the war’s impact on the global food market might result in an additional 7.6 million to 13.1 million people going hungry, and the World Food Program’s costs have already risen by $71 million per month, which is enough to reduce daily rations for 3.8 million people.

While almost every country will possibly see higher food prices, certain areas may struggle to find adequate food at all. People in several African countries who rely on supplies from Ukraine and Russia are particularly vulnerable.