Custom notification sounds, mute durations, new auto-delete menus, and more are all included in the latest Telegram update

In this year’s second spring update, Telegram included a raft of new features, including personalized notification tones, custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, and enhanced forwarding that keeps answers.

Picture-in-picture mode for Android has been enhanced, while message translation on iOS has been improved. New animations and animated emojis can be sent and received by any users.

A new capacity for bots will allow developers to offer website-like experiences through the instant messaging app, which is another important innovation.

According to a Telegram blog post, Custom Notification Sounds is the first feature in the second spring update of the year.

Music “or even memes” can now be used to create personalised notifications. Users can add a short audio file or voice message to the list of available notification sounds by tapping a short audio file or voice message in any chat.

By navigating to Settings > Notifications and Sounds, you may attach these to any chat. The programme now supports audio files and voice messages with a duration of less than 5 seconds and a file size of up to 300KB.

The option to select a custom period to temporarily mute chats is the second new feature for Telegram users. Users can now pause notifications for a set period of time, in addition to the limited options of muting chats for 8 hours or 2 days. The software allows users to customise each chat by selecting Disable Sound to receive messages silently or Mute to entirely turn off notifications.

Telegram now allows bot developers the ability to use JavaScript to construct customizable interfaces. Developers can use these technologies to construct third-party Telegram bots that mimic website experiences. Users may, for example, order food via a bot within the Telegram app. These bots can be customised as well.

Telegram bots presently enable file conversion, online shopping, payment processing via 15 integrated providers, and a variety of other features.

Telegram bots can also “perform modest jobs such as conversation management by providing more features, automating processes, or assisting moderators,” according to the company. Users can also add bots to their group or channel and define their rights and permissions for them right away.