Cyber TOR

Today, the life is totally different as it was back in 90”s and early 20”s. Everybody has moved towards technological integrated world but there is a big question mark on the personal  privacy as we are moving towards the deep and dark cave of technology. Unfortunately, our smart gadget personal data is not very well protected these days. Every single day bring the news about data hacking, important information leak, and zero day viruses which don’t know to deal with.

In order to provide personal data shield and removing the loopholes in our security system I with my team came up with the smart phone application “Cyber tor”

Cyber tor was born in 2018 from a very small scale. Earlier it was just an app to stop your mobile phone data being compromised but over the years we came to realize that data hacking and personal information leak is not only a problem society is facing so far rather there are far more sensitive issues related to cyber bullying, digital child abuse and sexual harassment. The main problem was unawareness about these things. Cyber tor initiated a research in order to understand that how many people actually have the understanding of cyber security and the result were surprising that people don’t actually have any knowledge about it. In order to create awareness our team organized number of seminars to aware people about the latest measures to be taken to stop their data being compromised. The struggle is still on but we are just sitting back because of recent pandemic issues. We believe that soon this problem will be over and we will be back on track to aware people about the latest trends in the field of cyber security. Currently, cyber tor is making very good progress in term of active user growth. We have reached the initial number goal and growing gradually day by day.


First and foremost challenge was to aware people about the latest cyber security threats because most of the people in Pakistan don’t have any idea about cyber security. Indeed, now there is a trend going on about cyber security but still there is lack of knowledge and awareness.

Second major challenge was to find a suitable platform where from the message will be send to our audience. We were lucky enough to secure a position in e-rozgar and plan 9. The good thing about both of these programs was that they were under the supervision of Punjab government and it helped us to reach the right audience through a right channel at the very right time.

The third challenge was insufficient funds which every single start-up faces in Pakistan.  This is still going on. 

Advise to Newly started Businesses 

  • Can do behaviour is very important 
  • Try to learn from the people who have done it