Due to fraud, Amazon has suspended over 13,000 Pakistani seller accounts

Last year, on May 21, Amazon gave the opportunity to register seller accounts in Pakistan allowing Pakistani vendors to sell their items without needing to contact their overseas relatives to open an account for them. However, many Pakistanis took advantage of this opportunity, and Amazon has begun to actively suspend any Pakistani account that is involved in any type of fraud.

The Amazon selling sector has become a watchword for the bulk of Pakistan’s young in recent years. Saqib Azher, Sunny Ali, and Rehan Allahwalla are Pakistani professors and Amazon gurus who led the country to Amazon’s success. Thousands of Pakistani Amazon merchants followed in their footsteps and made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Everything was OK as long as everyone who joined the Amazon seller program had to go through these institutes in order to create Amazon accounts. Anyone wishing to register a seller account in Pakistan had to pay a reasonable charge. Only serious vendors with focused training and effort were granted seller accounts on Amazon.

However, things became muddy when Amazon declared that anybody in Pakistan may now register a seller’s account following regular authentication and processes. It made sense for Amazon because there were many Amazon merchants in Pakistan using international accounts. They sought to improve the ‘ease of doing business in Pakistan’ so that more merchants would join and, ultimately, Amazon would gain.

At first, everything appeared to be going well when small enterprises in Pakistan began to export items to overseas markets and sell them on Amazon. However, much to Amazon’s astonishment, a large number of Pakistani boys who had not been taught for legal issues and the shortage of their official accounts began to look for back doors to stimulate their profits on Amazon.