FlowHCM Is All Set To Roll Out Pakistan First Ever AI Based Voice-Driven HCMS/HRMS

Technology is moving the world at a fast pace towards a digital future. Many companies have switched their technical departments with the latest technology equipment; however, FlowHCM has taken HR to another level while aiming at digitalizing the HR activities of the business. 

According to the sources, FlowHCM is the fastest growing HR Software in Pakistan. It has covered 20+ Industry Verticals (Diversified Customers Portfolio). As per the reports, it is the most User-Friendly and Browser-based Application that has the Modular Solution: With On Cloud & On-premise Deployments for its clients. 

FlowHCM is all set to roll out Pakistan’s first-ever AI-based Voice-Driven HCMS/ HRMS in the country, as per the latest source. The company has its AI-based voice-activated app that will help HR to save time and automate the functions. The FlowHCM Voice App is designed to help employees conduct common HR transactions faster and more efficiently. Employees can use the technology to check schedules and swap shifts with co-workers, for instance, as well as to review salary payslips, leave balances, or to request sign-in or out. 

Rather than staring at screens, trawling through systems, and manually entering data, performing these common HR transactions by voice is an alternative to typing on keyboards or swiping on mobile devices when conducting common HR transactions or accessing data around key workforce metrics. The time has come that rising interest in interacting with technology via voice commands will finally translate to the workplace. By using the FlowHCM voice app one can save employees significant time over previous ways of conducting these transactions. As workplace technology evolves, 

FlowHCM is creating more opportunities for employees to focus on innovation and decrease burnout among workers performing mundane tasks. Through this AI-powered intelligent HR system FlowHCM the work environment will become more positive and productive. 

SAAS/Subscription version Pay-As-You-Go Model is implemented by FlowHCM; whereas, it has Analytical & Customized HR Dashboards. It is a one Window Centralized System with ESS & MSS Features. This company also has a dedicated Support team with online Ticket Support as well as its own mobile app. 

This company supports in many ways as it has Dynamic Workflows & Approvals. The answer to why FlowHCM? is catered by the intelligent software operation itself, which has automated alerts & notifications with dynamic & customizable reports. 

This software company is also known for its Integration Expertise with Global Software Products: Oracle, SAP, SuccessFactors, Workday, MS Dynamics, etc. Moreover, it has Integration capabilities with the leading biometric hardware brands. 

FlowHCM has been at the forefront in the HR Information Systems market and its footprint now covers the USA market through rapidly growing HR Software implementations while maintaining a firm focus on innovation. 

As per the reports, FlowHCM is a complete & highly regarded On-Cloud & On-Premise HCMS that covers nearly the entire scope of HR Management and is strictly compliant with both local and global Best HR Practices. Hundreds of organizations are using the most advanced Software of FlowHCM to optimize their Human Resource Management processes. 

FlowHCM, with the help of its digitally optimized App, right from Recruitment to Performance Appraisal, Personnel, Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Document/HR Letters, Expense, Training, Separation management, Scheduled Reports, Scheduled Alerts, Manpower, Help Desk, etc. including a powerful HR Dashboard is the best fit for all your HR needs.