Fool Proof Plan: Leave Job & Start Business

According to the stats, one of the most difficult and the scariest decisions a man takes in his life is to switch from a routine job to start his own venture. 

Leaving your job and starting your business can be one of the biggest dreams of your life. However, it is certainly the most difficult decision you can ever make no matter how sure you are? Javed Chaudhry explains in his new video that how you can make a switch from a routine job to business. 

He provided the audience with 5 necessary tips to make the move. In which, the first one is about the type of the business. The business should be relevant to your field or the one applicable to your ongoing job. So, you have a vast idea about it and are able to solve multifaceted matters easily. 

The second tip is when to make the move and switch the job with business? It is recommended that you should not leave the job one fine day and start your business rather, build up your business along with your job and expand it gradually. This may take some time; however, as soon as your business income gets equal to your job salary, you should then quit your job and devote yourself to your business completely. 

He introduced the concept of ‘house job’ in his third tip. He gave an example of the doctors who do house jobs after their degrees and gain experience from that to make their own clinics to practice. So, he advocates the fact you should also take the job opportunities as house jobs. This will make you time-bound so, you learn quicker with the reason to establish your business with this learning in the future. 

He believes that your office is also an ‘idea bank’ for you to find an idea to implement and build your business. Every sizeable office in the world generates approximately 400 ideas per day. So, you just have to look around with an open mind to grab one idea that best suits your expertise. It sounds unbelievable but it is also a fact that many great businessmen took the ideas from their offices and turned them into great businesses

Lastly, he gave his fifth and final tip to find the best mentor for you in order to start your business. A person you look up to, a guru you believe will help you in developing your business. In Javed’s opinion, he is your boss to whom you are reporting. So, you have to watch him closely, understand his way of working. Learn the good and bad things about his working style. This will give you a clear understanding of how to operate a business efficiently. 

He gave an example of Adeel Riaz who was working in a private office on 10,000 rupees per month salary. The job included mainly janitorial work and other office-related small tasks. It was a difficult time for him because his siblings were studying and he was the only earning hand in the house. Still, he took the bold decision to start his own business. It was a desperate time and the whole family went into distress. Even after a couple of attempts, he did not succeed in establishing his own business yet he did not lose the motivation. 

According to the stats, one of the most difficult decisions a man takes in his life is to switch from a routine job to start his own venture. This is something we do not see every day when a young man from a poverty-stricken household comes up with an idea and executes it. Adeel Riaz is a prime example of this determination and perseverance that led him to make this difficult decision and today he is among the riches of Pakistan with a net worth of 100 million. 

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