Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan could face treason charges, according to reports

According to a media source, the clauses of Pakistan’s constitution that former Prime Minister Imran Khan tried to use against his opponents may be his undoing, as they may become the basis for treason charges against him.

According to Islam Khabar, Khan may face renewed treason accusations and a probable trial as a result of a slew of petitions filed before several courts using constitutional clauses that Khan tried to utilise against his opponents during his last fortnight in power.

Despite the fact that Chief Justice Athar Minallah of the Islamabad High Court dismissed one of these lawsuits as “frivolous,” Khan remains in jeopardy pending the outcome of other cases still pending in the courts.

Within hours of being voted out of office on April 10, Khan declared the start of a “freedom war” in the National Assembly after failing to stop the no-confidence resolution after realising he didn’t have a majority.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court had to constantly intervene in the no-trust motion process, taking note of the National Assembly’s rejection of the motion and calling all parties for a four-day hearing.

Khan also addressed a diplomatic letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial, stating that a foreign country issued a threatening message through Pakistan’s envoy, according to the media source, disregarding severe concerns from the government’s legal branch.

The matter would be addressed at the political level as well, according to the media outlet, after self-exiled PML (N) supremo Nawaz Sharif charged Imran Khan with “high treason” and demanded his trial.

The army may provide the final push, as a statement made by the army’s ‘huddle’ at the 79th Formation Commanders’ meeting on April 12 mentioned the “propaganda campaign” and attempts to “split institution and society,” implying an angry mood.