Former PM Imran Khan, questions the involvement of the courts in his downfall

Imran Khan, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, has pressed the judiciary to explain why it opened its doors at midnight on Saturday, hours before he was ousted as prime minister following a successful no-confidence resolution in the National Assembly.

After a high-stakes political thriller in the National Assembly, the Supreme Court overturned the Deputy Speaker’s decision to reject an opposition-sponsored no-confidence motion against the ruling PTI-led coalition.

Khan addressed the judiciary directly in his first public statement since losing power on Wednesday at a rally in Peshawar, saying, “I ask the judges that when you opened the court in the dead of night… this nation has known me for 45 years.” Is it true that I’ve ever broken the law? Did anyone ever accuse me of match-fixing when I was playing cricket?

“Every time a prime minister was deposed, people would applaud it,” Imran said of the rallies that began on Sunday. “But when he was dismissed from office, the public registered a protest.”

He stated again that a “foreign conspiracy” was hatched in Washington with the help of opposition parties to destabilise Pakistan’s PTI administration.