Global Hunger Report- Food Insecurity In Pakistan

Global Hunger Initiative aims to galvanize global action to combat hunger. There are four indicators in the index: undernourishment, child wasting, stunting, and under-five mortality rate. Even though 37.6pc of its children are stunted, Pakistan has managed to bring the proportion of its undernourished population down to 12.9pc from 21.1pc in 2000. Pakistan has also succeeded in reducing the percentage prevalence of wasting among children under five to 7.1pc in 2020 from 14.1pc in 2000.

According to the jointly published report by Concern Worldwide and Welthhungerlife on global hunger, mentions, “As the year 2020 draws closer, achievement of the world’s commitment to Zero Hunger is so far”.

Furthermore, the report shows that the current situation reveals that the world as a whole-and 47 countries will fail in accomplishing even a low hunger ratio by 2030.

Additionally, the global report on food crisis-2021 predicts that the food crisis will become spread widely at severe.

The World Food Programme Report mentions, “41 million people are on the verge of famine”.

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