Grow Yourself And Your Company

With These 7 New Year Resolutions

It is that time of the year when we start looking out for the resolutions to be made. These resolutions are a prominent part of the new year celebrations. Although, it is not necessary for the resolutions to be personal i.e. I will quit smoking or lose weight this year. It can be specific to your business as well. It is quite necessary for us to vow upon these resolutions in order to follow and achieve the goals stemming out from these resolutions. It is also important to look at the progress of the business at the end of the year to make necessary arrangements to make things faster, stronger, and leaner. 

Growing yourself does not only mean acquiring some new skill, getting a muscular body, or maybe some adventurous activity. It also covers the areas of maintaining yourself and harnessing yourself into a good human being with a good health. Give time to your friends and families. Meeting new people, relieving your pressures through exercise and yoga. Getting time out for the one good meal in a day. Take a good nap after a hectic day. Overworking, under-working, better communication by getting a good emotional intelligence training course are a few good examples for personal growth. 

However, these resolutions and goals will not only affect you but your business as well because your business is if it is a startup company or a small enterprise, it depends mostly on you. So, if you are not growing personally, how will you expect to grow your business! Self-care is a starter for that. We have identified seven top resolutions for the year 2020. We believe it will change your mind and will be very helpful in your personal growth as well as for the growth of your business. 

1- Comment Calls for Sacrifices

Resolutions or commitments are very important at the start of the year. However, these resolutions demand great sacrifices. There is no victory without sacrifices. It is something not very common these days. People always make resolutions and commitments to themselves but how many times have you seen them fulfilling them? One strong proposition is only 1% fulfill their commitments. Do not be in that 99%. Make small goals to achieve and start from small sacrifices. This will increase your morale, determination and hunger for more. 

2- Stay Healthy

There is a saying that a strong body leads to a strong mind. So, if you lose the body, you will lose the whole game. Staying healthy is not a choice but a must-do. We as a generation are a time-bound generation. We have enslaved ourselves with too many worries and hassles these days that we do not even get time for our health. We are always short of time and it’s strange. Eating junk in the wrong hours of the day, not having a proper meal at least once a day will leave us nowhere in terms of health and fitness. 

3- Invest More In Social Media

People spend most part of their day on social media these days is not an exaggeration. The role of social media is so vital for business these days that one cannot imagine surviving without it. Previously, businesses used to make social media a part of their marketing strategy. However, today, ventures make their marketing and positioning strategies around social media and some of the businesses are totally dependent on their social media marketing. So, we should make this our new year resolution that we will spend a good chunk of the marketing budget on the social media development. 

4- Learn To Say No

Sometimes you call them resolutions but we prefer to call it the strategy and plan of growth. For you and for your business. It is important to understand the power of saying no. This is quite difficult to do but being a yes man to everything is not the right attitude for any person who wants to grow. By saying, no, it does not mean it makes you selfish or mean, there is more to that. This is to understand your priorities, your rightful duties and your goals. For example, if you have a meeting in next hour, you can not abandon it for some other plan. 

5Give Gifts To Your Employees

Employees are your internal customers and their satisfaction is as much important as your external customers. It is of great importance to understand the idea of employee resonance. We recommend you to develop that culture in your organization where employees resonate with the values of your business. Give gifts to your employees. One gift per employee in a year. So every month you will give one or two gifts. Not expensive but relatable. This will increase your personal connection with your employees and it will increase the chances to learn more about your employee and their preferences. 

6- SWOT Analysis

It is not necessary to learn a new skill every year. This is quite generic to say that every person should learn a new skill every year. If we are getting well paid and satisfied with our current skill set then why we need to learn a new skill every year. Why not polish our strengths and focus more on them? Exactly, make a resolution to do a swot analysis for yourself and for your business this year. Identify your core strengths and learn new opportunities to grow, try to remove your weaknesses, and learn how to avoid threats totally. This will not only make you more aware of your current position but will give you a clear picture of what you want to do in the coming years. 

7- Increase Productivity Not Hours

It should be the year of work-life balance. We need to realize the importance of productivity and not sitting idle for long hours. You have been doing a lot in your personal life as well as for your business. It is about time that you should give time to yourself to decrease the chances of burnout. Get yourself time to do activities to decrease the pressures and stress coming from every end of life. Connect with your family and your friends more frequently, it helps a lot to clear your mind. 

There is a very strong opinion that we should not start our year with promises and vows. We should go easy on ourselves and do not make these resolutions with unrealistic aspirations that people never follow. However, we beg to differ with this thought because when the new year begins, people usually look back in their past to reflect what did they do in the last year. Similarly, entrepreneurs look at the performance of their businesses in order to reset and take a fresh start. New year’s resolutions are part of setting new goals in order to grow. A point to ponder on the previous year’s shortcomings and understanding the need of the hour, to take the necessary steps to rejuvenate. Even if one does not follow completely what he or she sets for themselves, they will try and that is important in our opinion. We recommend you set your priorities straight this year.