How Leyjao.pk Reinvented Online Shopping Post-Pandemic

When the pandemic hit last year, thousands of sellers had to shut down and people were forced into lockdown. Panicked shoppers stripped stores of hands sanitizers, soap and groceries. Getting our lives back to normal seemed like a distant dream. In these tough times, Leyjao.pk, Pakistan’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace figured out how to use this rather unpleasant situation and turn it around. Finally, small sellers, consumers and workers – are all winning. 

When government- mandated store closures across all parts of the country, millions of customers turned to online stores. Small local shopkeepers couldn’t ignore e-commerce as a viable option. The company made it easy for small sellers to register themselves on the e-commerce platform through a hassle-free process to sell essential and non-essential items. Different online marketplaces charge monthly account fees for listing individual items. However, Leyjao only charges a monthly commission. In this light, Leyjao’s commitment to giving back to the community is not only significant but also reiterates its stance to empower the Pakistani seller community with a better livelihood. 

Leyajo.pk Captures Interest of Online Shoppers.

From blockbuster discounts to the vast product catalogue, leyjao.pk continues to grow and gain consumer favor. Today’s shoppers are price conscious which is why leyjao has worked on promoting itself as the most affordable and trusted e-commerce destination across the country. Leyjao.pk brought campaigns such as Ramzan Super Bachat sale by offering up to 80% off on smartphones, smart devices, clothes, cosmetics and skincare products. This was supported by WOW Deals, Yaara Yaara campaign and 12.12 SALEBRATION.

Leyjao.pk Launches Android App.

Customers today are shopping differently than they have ever before. They are using their smartphones to find deals and compare prices. In order to meet these ever-changing needs, Leyjao.pk rolled out its online shopping app for Android that provides a seamless customer experience, anytime and anywhere. 

Easy Installments Qisst Pay. 

This year Leyjao.pk introduced easy instalments Qisst Pay facility which allows customers to pay back over 4-6 months. This festive season, customers can incur large expenses without guilt easily. 

Better Shopping Experience with On -Time Order.

Leyjao has remained laser-focused on building its ability to deliver goods to customers on time with multiple payment options. The company has partnered with M&P, TCS, Trax and BlueEX to deliver its vendor’s offerings; seven days a week to customer’s doorstep in over 300 cities of Pakistan. 

The pandemic has pushed businesses across the country to adapt quickly. Leyjao has distinguished itself as a safer marketplace, making it easier for merchants to sell products and customers to enjoy online shopping from the comfort of their homes.