How This Founder Created Opportunities In Covid-19

Coronavirus outbreak affected many business sectors but the most affected is tourism. But adapting to the new models is always a good idea to survive and thrive. 

Travel to Pakistan Pvt Ltd is the largest and reliable company in the tourism sector in Pakistan with over a lot of satisfied clients. They have arranged many successful tours around Pakistan. But with the advent of this pandemic outbreak COVID-19, affected many business sectors but the most affected is tourism. In this drastic and challenging situation, it is not feasible to arrange tours and thus, it is unmanageable. Pakistan has imposed restrictions that apply to all citizens and provinces to prevent all from traveling. 

In this situation, they decided to make this period useful for others and for themselves. They thought to sell their cultural products. Because of this pandemic disease, there was no source of income for local people. This turning point happened as culture is the name for what people are interested in, their thoughts and emotions. 

To make this digitalized, they use those channels to make online selling. Pakistani culture is highlighted by its grandeur, simplicity, firm convictions, and noble deeds and ideas. They aim to create demand for Pakistani handicrafts so their supply and the skills craftsmen who produce them can be protected. First, they start from the famous and charming caps. Pure wool of Karakul sheep is used in its preparation and that is the reason it is so expensive. Ajrak was being dyed in Mohenjodaro in Indigo colors at the banks of Sindh centuries ago. On the banks of Indus, artisans still dye their dreams indigo. People are in love with these Ajrak designs. 

Embroidery and Rilli was a quilt born out of poverty and improvised by nomadic women who could not afford new clothes so inside their huts, while shut from the world, they cut clothes and constructed new worlds in patchwork quilts which are a testament to their resilience and their skill. It takes a village of Kashmiri women to create one Pashmina shawls, to intricate is the handiwork done on gossamer-thin threads of pure lamb wool. 

The motifs are inspired by the flowers adorning the plains of the valley and inspired its artisans to create autumn hues and spring blossoms on a dyed canvas of pashmina. Dry fruits including almonds, resins, walnuts, pistachios, etc are highly demanding of these areas. This can be another way to gain profit and revenues for local people. 

In some areas, the village itself is linked with craft whether its wood carving style, rugs, embroidery, metalwork, or blue pottery that has gone on for generations taught from father to son or mother to daughter. 

It is a traditional work or art of Pakistani people to produce, design, or shape objects by using simple tools or simply by hand such as brass, wood, clay, textiles, paper to create handmade items. Multan is one of the oldest regions in Pakistan where artisans create or decorate objects traditionally. 

Whereas camel bone is used to produce jewelry and decorative pieces. Woodcrafts and blue pottery are commonly used by artisans. “Multani Khussa”, a type of shoe is created by crafting leather. Cultural products are very significant and they can bring more change in society. The northern area is full of skilled workers and by using the workforce they can utilize the resources in a meaningful way. The locals are collaborating with them as suppliers and in this way, through communication, they can get products and sell them.