Imran Khan made Rs 142 million by selling Toshakhana gifts

Marriyum Aurangzeb, Pakistan’s newly-appointed communications minister, said on Thursday that former Prime Minister Imran Khan received a meagre 20% retention payment and gained Rs 142 million by selling state presents from the Toshakhana.

She said Khan used his position as Prime Minister to pursue business and generate money, speaking at a press conference in Islamabad.

Khan said that he had made Rs 141 million since he began earning, according to Aurangzeb. He did, however, get Rs 142 million by selling the priceless items, according to her.

Khan allegedly only paid 20% retention money for the presents, according to her. Aurangzeb demanded that Khan show him the receipts for the money spent on presents from the Toshakhana.

Khan will have to produce the money trail and receipts, according to the information minister, because the Toshakhana gifts cannot be sold.

She inquired, “Where is the money trail for the gifts you (Imran) kept?”

Despite the fact that the PTI-led government implemented a legislation requiring gifts from the Toshakhana to be acquired at 50% of their original cost, Imran Khan purchased the gift at 20% of the cost, according to Aurangzeb.