‘Education begins at home’

A line that I heard many people utter, but never really truly understand it. In 2011, I first got into academics as a teacher. The entire concept of being able to mentor and teach the students the same way as my teachers mentored and taught me was inspiring. However, ten years down the road I realized that it wasn’t the case. The curriculum that was being taught to the students was becoming irrelevant with passing time. It had become a business for the education providers and a social symbol for the students, where the students would pay heavy fees not to get quality education but rather just a mere degree for the sake of its name.

All these thoughts eventually lead to the idea of bringing about a platform LEARN, the purpose of which is to bring the finest quality education at every door step, in the most reasonable price; so that quality education can become more accessible and affordable. 

Our goal is to make use of technology and inculcate it into education. Thus, different classes according to the grade level and the students’ needs will be provided in a futuristic way to make sure every kid can reach his full potential and make a difference in the world. 

We recognize that in today’s world in order for a child to excel, providing just the normal subjects is not enough. So in addition to those we also offer certificate based subjects such as Coding, Entrepreneurship, Liberal Arts, App Development, Web Development, Communication Development, Leadership and Digital Media.  All of these subjects enhance skills. The current trends will further give proof of the fact that the freelancing market seeking these skills is growing at a rapid pace and youngsters are earning a generous amount through it. It is opening up opportunities that were never explored before!

Physical schools are based on decade’s old teaching methods which have not been updated according to the current demands. The entire system is tremendously stressful for both, the parent and the child. Outrageous fees, heavy backpacks, severe exam pressure are just a few things to mention. On the other hand, E-schools have been the relief that many parents have been in pursuit of since quite some time. Flexible school timings, no transport expense, safety of their own house, complete awareness of what is being taught and what is happening during the class, effective examinations where the skillset and knowledge of a child is tested, rather than a stressful competition in who comes first, are few of the reasons that parents have started preferring digital schooling in comparison to the old physical schools. We are currently catering multiple nationalities, which is beneficial since the students get a chance to have exposure to global socializing. 

Our highly dedicated and resourceful teachers make the most important part of our team. They not only teach in the most productive way, but also cater to every child’s need. They have been trained in a way that they make sure that every student is learning and performing to his utmost capacity. Our teachers are simply not there to just teach but also to mentor your kids. Our students have the strongest bonds with their teachers and rightfully so. The content provided to the students is free of cost.

To conclude, we accept the fact that an online school is a newer concept and is unconventional too. Regardless of knowing all the positives, we acknowledge that students prefer physical schools, the reasons range from a lack of awareness to being doubtful of a system that doesn’t exist physically. However, it is just a matter of time. We are all aware of the fact that the future is digital and with due time it might even become the new normal.