Amazon has recently become a very popular and heard term among Pakistanis, and many have already jumped on board and begun their e-commerce journey. Amazon has played a critical role in shifting Pakistanis’ interest from brick-and-mortar stores to online and e-commerce firms. The recent rise in the global e-commerce industry (especially Amazon & Etsy) has also aided local e-commerce businesses in raising awareness among Pakistanis and, eventually, generating income.

There are multiple training providers currently offering training for multiple business models on Amazon, Etsy & eBay. One of the most prominent training providers, Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP), offers a variety of training programs with the vision of helping young entrepreneurs to start their e-commerce journey. Led by a very innovative and enthusiastic individual, Huzaifa Ali, ESP is here to help youth learn skills and start their businesses.

Huzaifa Ali, CEO & Founder of Ecommerce Success Pakistan (ESP), is a Pakistani national with years of experience in eCommerce, Amazon Brand Selling, and other international eCommerce channels and software development. Born and raised in Pakistan, he traveled to multiple countries in the early days of his career. After spending years away from Pakistan, he returned to offer his experience and knowledge of the e-Commerce industry. With his years of experience in Amazon Wholesale FBA, he was the first to introduce Amazon’s safest business model (Wholesale FBA) in Pakistan. People can start a business with a low-risk factor and a low initial investment. Further, he has created an online learning platform called Video Success Camp (VSC) where students can access a variety of digital courses for FREE, providing them with a better opportunity to learn about money-making skills.

How is Ecommerce Success Pakistan helping Pakistanis?

ESP is the fastest-growing eCommerce community in Pakistan with over 165k members. ESP is working hard to make Pakistan an eCommerce hub by spreading awareness about the eCommerce industry among the youth and awakening their hidden talent to work as entrepreneurs. ESP aims to transfer knowledge to bring a constructive change in Pakistan by inspiring people to start their own multi-million dollar online international businesses and help build the economy of Pakistan. By guiding them through VSC and conducting meet-up sessions across the country, ESP is setting the trend of providing an opportunity to almost every Pakistani to learn about the eCommerce industry online from anywhere in the country. ESP is offering multiple training programs based on physical and online modes of teaching. Currently, ESP is operating in 10 different cities in Pakistan with continuous growth.

What is VSC (Video Success Camp)?

Video Success Camp (VSC) is the largest learning library offered by ESP and includes all Amazon business model learning solutions in a video-based course format. It includes detailed information about US and UK company formations, Wholesale FBA, Private Label, Drop Shipping, Affiliate Marketing, Etsy, eBay, Domains, etc. VSC is designed to help everyone, especially the ones who cannot afford the expensive training programs. VSC is good for people who want to do business on their own or offer their services as a VA or freelancer to another business. VSC is a fully recorded video-based course that doesn’t include hands-on training.

How can students avail FREE access to VSC?

There is a certain process to get access to Video Success Camp (VSC). Students can apply for VSC through the website of ESP. Following the application process, students do not have to go through the hectic process of arranging different documents for registration; they simply need to submit a copy of their CNIC, student card, and complete information, and they will get access within 24 hours.

Need more info?

For more information about the company, please visit its official website at http://www.ecomsuccess.pk

You can apply for VSC at https://ecomsuccess.pk/vsc