Leave a Spark of your Signature where you go!

I am an Entrepreneur | Interior Design Consultant & in Furniture Production, A Realtor Property Advisor & an Educationist. To sum up, I am Founder & Director of fns- Interior Design Studio & Academy. I have laid foundation of my establishment in 2017 and in 5 years it has become one signature brand as a first academy which facilitates affiliated courses of interior design nationwide and internationally; currently based in Bahria Town Karachi.  

Interior Design is a very creative profession that asks for original art but also practical work. Thus it is a good career for creative and accommodative people. I understood it in the beginning of my career journey; since then I had been considering doing better and achieving greatness from all directions. I am an ambitious and driven entrepreneur. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself.  It was very difficult to give it a tag 5 years ago. But bit by bit & surely universe processed it and had started making ways for me as it was already somewhere out there manifesting. 


My entire career has been branch out from industry experience to teaching experience and I have worked with renowned interior design firms in Pakistan and in Middle East. At one stage I started feeling no matter how honestly you work: this outlook; that only certain rules must be followed; could make our progress immobile. The moment I apprehended; it was a dead end. I had never been comfortable with settling over something which does not allow us to be productive & progressive in a designer’s classy way.  My word since start, I would never ever pretend to be okay with being mistreated or come under pressure. Obviously, I learnt a great deal from the system but certainly I am born to perform larger tasks!

I must mention, to be an entrepreneur required time management in a profound manner. Time has always been my investment & it is my dough now. I have a much diversified career and so is my educational background. I utilized all these experiences to build myself and say it upright. here I am; Faizah N Syed a Masters Graduate in Interior design from Florence Design Academy, Italy and Masters in Administrative Sciences from Karachi University, Pakistan . 

I am grateful and honored to see my growth in these three domains in less than two years.” 

I have always been a believer and prefer to leave an impression where ever I go. It has been a roller coaster ride but what a delightful experience and so is its aftermath! Now there shall be no stop as long as I live, I will facilitate education and real estate industry in a dynamic way.