Life just got automated — and smarter, with Okasha Smart®!

We provide simple smart solution devices for everyday life using system of Internet of Things (IOT). Our wide range of devices cater everyday needs of security and energy efficiency for homes, hotels and offices; as well as for corporate, industrial and educational institutions. Equipped with latest cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence (IA) technology, Okasha Smart® products are an attractive combination of design and technology which makes them more secure, user-friendly and affordable.

Our Story

We came into business in 2007, providing renewable energy and power solutions to households and firms. Our sister concern companies; Power Highway® and Solar Max® have a nationwide sales and distribution network offering renewable energy systems; solar energy, wind power and hydro power equipment and products. Every project of ours is a turnkey, which is a mix of design, stability and performance. Before coming up with our latest smart solution devices at Okasha Smart®, we have worked with both government and private sector companies/individuals over the years; and represented on international forums earning our name with trust and reliability.

Our Core Competency

  • Easy installation and management
  • Workable for both household and corporate companies
  • Innovative technology
  • Professional and competent customer service
  • Internationally certified products

Looking into the Future

We understand the needs of time, and so have designed our products to keep up with the latest innovation and technology. We aim to provide effective and efficient smart solution devices to our customers, so that they can enjoy a better living experience. We know our customers and offer them a smart environment.

We at Okasha Smart®, believe in a better tomorrow!