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For Students & Parents

Students in Pakistan are often uncertain about their admissions in school, college and universities. Parents have to go through lots of research in order to choose the best institution for their child based on the academic background of the student and the financial constraints of the family. Once the School is decided for admission, both students and parents have to go through lots of hassle in order to complete the process and secure admission in the school. On the other hand admission to professional and medical schools, in particular, has always been the subject of social contention.

In order to address the problem of finding and securing admission in schools in Pakistan, Munzill comes up with a solution where students can find their dream school not only anywhere in Pakistan but also around the world as well. We provide lists of all schools, colleges, and universities on our website and mobile application. Where all the details related to the concerned institution are provided along with the feature of applying for admission. The student simply has to search from the list of all schools available and apply. Munzill on the behalf of students will process the admission, till the admission is secured. Thus providing doorstep admission for students to save them from the hassle. 


Munzill For Schools:

Schools are always looking for more admissions in order to accelerate their growth, Where Munzill provides them an opportunity to save the admission cost and an increasing the number of admissions. Munzill purchase subsidized admissions from the institution and provide admission to the students at discounted rates. Thus reducing the admission cost of the institution and providing them with a guaranteed number of admissions to the institution each month.

Each institution is provided with an opportunity of 

  • Featured listing on our website and mobile application where they can showcase themselves to millions of potential students looking for admissions. 
  • Dedicated dashboard through which they can process the student’s admissions applied through Munzill’s website and application
  • Complete digital marketing & professional operational support