My Journey of Passion From Imagination to Reality

When I reflect upon my past it does not have any extraordinary element to it. I lived in a small-town Allahabad, Bahawalpur, and was never one of those children who knew their ambitions from a young age. But what I did know was that I looked up to Waqas Khan Patafi while growing up. One day, I came across a computer book of my friend and that was what made me grow a certain interest in computers. The computer was not accessible for me but still, I looked out for ways to get my hand on that book. And, whenever I got it, it increased my interest in computers. With that came my imagination of having a computer, while I visualized myself of operating it. At the age of 15, the happiness associated with the computer got real, when my father bought me a computer for some time, as later it had to be sold to overcome our financial crisis.

But I was lucky enough, to go to a school where this imagination turned into reality- though the computer usage was not completely in my hands as had to use it under orders. When the time arose, to choose the major in my courses, I eagerly opted for computers. It might sound easy but trust me picking up this course
was not a piece of cake for me. Because my mother’s interest did not align with mine and that was not the
only thing because computer being an odd course had no available course books in my town. I finally got the book after my teacher had bought it for me from another city. As my financial position did not allow me to travel. It was this when my journey began to learn about the world that lies within computers.

My journey of professional life started way back in 2012 when I got my first job. I would call my first ever prominent job to be in 2015 in a UAE firm. I stepped up my professional life ladder in 2016 when I started working for some startups ‘Autogenie’, ‘Beautyhooked (worked as technology department head)’, ‘Carchab’. Apart from this I also worked for NGO based start-up and also offered my services to another start-up ‘Gharpar’ which is now being led by the renowned Malik Mudassir CEO AppsGenii Technologies. My time and efforts bore fruit when unlike my first start-up of software services that could not stand for long, my second start-up ‘Webxteria’ did wonder. When I say wonders I meant that it started on 13th September 2021 and by November 13th it had generated a profit of 10,000$ a month.

I have been lucky enough to achieve prominence in my professional life. It might seem easy but achieving it all made me give my best at all costs. I was proud to be the ‘First Pakistani Laravel Certified Developer’. After this some of the Leading Punjab Government projects came my way, where I was appointed as the head of the team responsible for completing relevant projects. 2018 marks another achievement for my major contribution in Odoo ERP, the famous worldwide crypto project for digital currencies, where my efforts and shares were said to have brought obvious performance improvement. The mile[1]stone that my current startup ‘Webxteria’ has achieved marks to be one of the high[1]lights of my professional life to date.

In the future, I plan to carry on this start-up with the same pace, technique, and innovational methods for the
sake of its success. Its prioritized aim will remain to be the same as now i.e. digital marketing agency and software services. We at Webxteria, not only plan to flourish alone but also will cater to the applicant’s participation encouragingly while providing opportunities their way. Because I believe human capability and
potent never ceases to amaze when exposed and explored. Talent, knowledge, skills, and experience may be building blocks of success, but often it’s the mental tools and techniques that get entrepreneurs through the
journey intact.