Never Give Up!

 Oddly, hearing a story is always inspiring. There’s a struggle at the beginning and something great always at the end. In real life, however, there is no end to the struggle. There’s always something to be dealt with. There are prosperous peaks, but there are milestones and a never-ending journey. My journey is as life-like as can be. It’s a continuing struggle. There is a pleasure I’ve seen within this chaos. 

It began in 2017 when I decided to experiment with forming a shopping website for a family business. I learned things that felt necessary and began with a WordPress domain. The website was for two separate enterprises, with everything the same except for one thing, their sales. It took exploring to decipher that there was more to making sales online than just a website. This gave me my first insight into digital marketing and by the time I figured out most things, the businesses had given up on their venture and the domain was no longer needed. My effort in that domain was still recognized and an external party paid to buy it from me and took ownership. 

This ignited a spark within me and my partner. We decided to build another domain; however this time we knew and understood Google ads. We worked towards a website dedicated to providing a platform to people for advertisements, in addition to making it a website dedicated to space. We began copy-pasting articles pertaining to space. It was good for a while until it wasn’t anymore because google did not like that idea anymore. There were 10 principles to follow to form a ranking on google and this is what we learned the hard way. A setback is always an opportunity to gain a new perspective on things. This began our journey as more than just developers, from marketers to content writers. A website that became a platform for news by the name of newspanda.pk emerged. 

An uprising of income and content flowed and became a steady stream for us. The chosen subject of news however was extensive and to keep everything updated, we hired our first employee as a content writer. The concept of search engine optimization was absent but we focused on producing quality content and it kept getting us ranked. With the hiring, we thought the burden was off us to a certain extent however, the rankings dipped and we were no longer doing well. We couldn’t figure out why and so couldn’t save another venture from dipping. In every motivational story, they discuss how the person never gave up but they fail to mention the weight of failure under which you are being crushed. On top of the building financial burden, a heaviness that urges you to give up takes over. The reason it’s such a huge deal not giving up is the power to overcome this awful sensation at any risk. Despite weighing the risks before something, the emotions we experience upon the exposure to that exact risk we anticipated are still appalling. 

While my degree was being affected and there was building debt, we decided to refrain from beginning another venture. I immersed myself in studies and my focus shifted from the tragedies in business. My relapse came packed in an email offering me to begin writing e-books. After thorough research and an already present content writing skill we had developed, I and my partner threw ourselves into this venture. We formed a website, wrote articles that were search engine optimized, and informed about our writing services. With our success and steady income, I began working as a CEO, an employee, and a manager at the same time, working towards enhancing my set of skills, which incorporated digital marketing, graphic designing, and a few more that would be utilized in formulating our setup. 

As the demand for our e-books increased, our employees expanded from 5 to 10 and from 10 to a whole setup of 50, which included freelancers as well. We developed a business plan and objectives, aiming to go beyond Germany towards our current expansion in New Zealand. Our current services have extended towards successful digital marketing and have been catering to clients based in the US. Our expansion aims to open up doors into new markets and work towards NFTs presently. The journey doesn’t end here, however, more setbacks are coming, while we become better equipped and sustainable with each setback.