Onion Crypto Signals

What Problem are we solving?
People who want to trade cryptocurrencies and those who are already trading in cryptocurrency face losses due to market movement. And they can not figure out which coin to buy or sell according to market movements. And those who are not facing losses sometimes cannot figure out which coin has potential to grow, as there are 10,000+ cryptocurrencies and it is humanly not possible to look them all and decide the next move of market. So, here comes Onion Crypto Signals Mobile App.

Our Solution

We are targeting all crypto traders and crypto holders, whether its a newbie or an advanced trader. We are providing Trading Signals (A signal is a trading call whether which coin/token you need to buy and sell at a mentioned price). We provide these signals in 1 mobile app. 

We have simplified the solution by collecting them all in 1 app and making it a very easy to understand experience for everyone at 95% less cost.

What to Offer?
‘Onion Crypto Signals’ offers different sections, including Spot Signals, Futures Signals, Global Market Updates, Long Term holding coins and Profit Calculator. To unlock complete features of app, user need to get subscription which starts from just $7.5/month which is upto 80% off than other competitors in market.
Onion Crypto Signals is available on both PlayStore and AppStore.