Over 50 Canadian companies meet with Pakistan’s IT delegation in Toronto

In order to attend Collision Toronto Conference 2022, one of the major tech events worldwide, especially in North America, the Pakistani delegation, which consists of 15 executives from top ITC businesses, is in Toronto at the Consulate General’s invitation.

The visiting team of Pakistani ITC executives was treated to a networking event on Tuesday by the Pakistani Consulate General in Toronto. More than 50 executives and business owners from ITC firms in Toronto attended the event, including members of the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) and the FAST-NU Alumni Association, North America (FAA-NA).

Consul General Abdul Hameed advised the Pakistani ITC business owners to increase their focus on the Canadian market in his opening remarks because the ITC industry in Canada has been experiencing faster annual growth than the country’s overall economy. He claimed that the ITC industry was well-positioned to gain from the resurgence of the entire economy. He pointed out that the rapid adoption of numerous technological solutions as well as private and public investments in digital infrastructure were expected to have an impact on demand.

The ITC executives were grateful for the Consulate General’s efforts in setting up the networking event and facilitating the visit of the delegation from Pakistan. The Pakistani speakers, among other things, emphasised the function and initiatives of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and Pakistan Software Houses Association ([email protected]) in the direction of