Pakistan can benefit from Norwegian expertise in the automobile and other industries

Per Albert Ilsaas, the Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan, stated that Norway has advanced expertise in the automobile, information technology, and renewable energy sectors. Pakistan’s private sector can form joint ventures with Norwegian counterparts in these specific sectors.

He told the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry that Pakistan and Norway have excellent bilateral relations and that both countries have great potential to expand mutual trade and economic ties.

“Norway is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric vehicles.” Its automobile and renewable energy industries are also cutting-edge. “Pakistan can benefit from Norway’s expertise in these sectors,” he said.

Furthermore, he assured the LCCI president of full cooperation for the promotion of trade between the two countries, emphasizing the importance of expanding cooperation in the fields of information technology and telecommunication.

According to LCCI President Mian Nauman Kabir, Norway is home to many Pakistanis, and the two countries have excellent diplomatic, cultural, and economic relations. We would like to discuss ways to strengthen our economic and trade relations with Norway.

It’s encouraging to see that bilateral trade between the two countries is growing. According to the State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan’s exports to Norway total approximately 58.6 million dollars, with imports totaling approximately 41.5 million dollars.