Pakistan’s education system will be revitalized by smart classrooms equipped with superior Chinese technology

Smart Classrooms, a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, is gaining traction in 50 universities across Pakistan, with the potential to breathe fresh life into Pakistan’s education system in the near future.

According to Chen Chun, project manager for China Railway Signal and Communication Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group Co Ltd, in smart classrooms, teaching can be done both offline and online at the same time, crossing time and space boundaries, and teacher-student interaction will be greatly improved.

“Moreover, through advanced information and communication technology from China, an intelligent system of data sharing and assessment will be established (in Pakistan),” he added.

“The smart classrooms will improve the accessibility of students from one location to the best teachers located at another place,” Umar Idrees, Pakistani site engineer of the Smart Classroom project told CEN.

It has been learned that a total of 100 smart classrooms will be built in 50 public universities across 49 cities, spanning all of Pakistan’s provinces and regions, from Hunza in the north to Karachi in the south, ensuring that the country’s state-of-the-art educational resources are better utilised and distributed throughout the country. It is certainly motivating for kids who do not have access to high-quality educational resources in their nation.

The Smart Classroom project, according to Chen Chun, will begin building in September 2021. The crew had faced numerous hurdles as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, including equipment and material imports, customs clearance, and construction, among others.

“Now all the equipment and materials of the project have arrived at our warehouse in Pakistan. We’re striving to complete the whole project by November,” he added.