Pakistan’s health minister reaffirms his pledge to eradicate polio

Abdul Qadir Patel, Minister of National Health Services (NHS), reaffirmed his commitment to eliminating polio in Pakistan on Friday, and urged parents to help make the eradication campaign a success.

“In order to eradicate the menace, the entire nation should actively participate in the administration of polio vaccine to youngsters,” he said on the PTV news station.

He stated that parents play a critical part in a successful anti-polio campaign, and that parents should give their children polio drops to safeguard them from lifelong impairment.

He also praised the efforts of polio eradication teams who reach out to children in remote and difficult areas of the country, noting that the government places a high focus on the safety of polio workers.

He stated that the Pakistan Army and other security forces would fully support polio vaccination teams in their efforts to reach children in remote areas of the country.

Qadir Patel also voiced grave concern over the recent occurrences of polio.

According to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s stringent orders, the federal and provincial governments will conduct effective immunisation and awareness campaigns to reduce polio cases and ensure that every kid receives the polio vaccine.

He stated that vaccinations cannot be forced onto children, but must be done in consultation with their parents.

In parliament, the minister also emphasised the necessity for mandatory vaccine laws.