Pakistan’s IT exports are expected to reach only $3 billion as compared to India’s $149.1 billion in FY22

According to actions taken to increase them, Pakistan will surpass its $3 billion objective for information technology exports this year, said Syed Amin-ul-Haque, the minister for IT and telecommunications.

The minister spoke during the Lahore University of Management Sciences’ graduation ceremony, where he made the comments (LUMS).

Haque noted that the favourable investment environment was the reason IT exports had surpassed the $2.1 billion threshold.

He pointed out that investments made by Pakistani start-ups had increased by over five times since the year 2020 and that the ministry had been giving the start-ups access to local and international networking platforms through Ignite, the country’s technology fund.

On the other hand, led by the computer services segment’s good performance According to the Economic Survey report 2021–2022, India has demonstrated excellent performance in global services trade. India’s service exports increased by 18.4% to $ 149.1 billion in 2021–2022 despite the Covid pandemic–induced worldwide limitations and dismal tourism profits (April-December).