PM Imran Khan says, e-commerce is vital for employment generation and economic growth

On Thursday, PM Imran Khan spoke about the potential of e-commerce and its benefits for employment and economic growth. While emphasizing the scope of e-commerce, Khan said that e-commerce is vital for employment generation and economic growth.

During a meeting at the PM House with Bjarke Mikkelsen, Group CEO of Daraz, a leading e-commerce platform, Prime Minister Khan said Pakistan offers tremendous potential for e-commerce that will generate employment opportunities and encourage economic growth.

According to him, the government provides full support to foreign investors under its “Ease-of-Doing-Business” policy.

CEO Daraz expressed interest in continuing investments and expanding e-commerce in Pakistan.n Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by PM Tarin\’s financial advisor Shaukat Tarin, STZA Chairman Amir Hashmi, Senator Aon Abbas Bappi, and Daraz\’s managing director Ehsan Saya.

Earlier this week, the prime minister appointed senator Aon Abbas Bappi to be his Special Assistant on e-commerce. The Cabinet Division announced Aon Abbas Buppi’s appointment as SAPM.

Previously, Buppi served as Managing Director of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.