PM Shehbaz has invited economic experts to a pre-budget meeting

The government has convened a meeting of prominent economists, industrialists, and businessmen to discover short-, medium-, and long-term answers to the country’s extraordinary economic crisis, as well as provide relief to inflation-affected citizens in the upcoming federal budget 2022-23.

Shehbaz Sharif will address a day-long ‘Pre-Budget Business Conference’ on Tuesday (today), according to the Prime Minister’s Office, to explore avenues of consensus-based economic policies with all stakeholders on board.

The conference will bring together leaders from a wide range of industries on a single platform for a vibrant and engaging conversation, in line with the PM’s vision of a “Charter of Economy” and an inclusive economic policy-making approach.

In her tweets, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb stated that a day-long, meaningful, and substantive dialogue had been convened, bringing together leaders from agriculture, information technology, textiles, manufacturing, and a variety of other business sectors to “interactively assess Pakistan’s existing economic challenges and devise short-, medium-, and long-term solutions.” Obtain budget proposals throughout the commercial spectrum for FY 2022-23.”