Protesters try to get around obstacles as Imran Khan’s caravan approaches Punjab

Police battled with PTI activists in various regions of the country after authorities attempted to stop them from travelling to the capital, where former Prime Minister Imran Khan prepares to hold a massive political rally.

Khan is driving a big caravan from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Islamabad to demand the government’s ouster and an immediate national poll.

If the government does not agree to his demands, he promises to stage the “largest march” in Pakistan’s political history. Khan’s caravan has entered Punjab, according to the latest news, after supporters dismantled barricades from the Attock bridge.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Khan confirmed: “We have entered Punjab and will InshaAllah be heading towards Islamabad.”

“No amount of state oppression and fascism by this imported govt can stop or deter our march.”

The former prime minister urged all PTI party workers to come out of their houses and stage protests across the country. “I am reaching Islamabad in the next 2.5 hours,” he announced.

Meanwhile, PTI workers have begun to arrive at D-Chowk and have begun removing the containers used to seal the area. To prevent protestors from entering the area, police used tear gas.