Quickster Courier link (QCL)- Success Story That Will Inspire You

Quickster Courier link (QCL)Delivery Service Provider

It all started when I was in 7th grade, I always wanted to start my own business with friends. During our school days, we had put stalls on streets in the month of August. We used to sell flags and badges on the account of independence day. We always used to talk about how we should start something of our own. At the time, we had many ideas, like; selling shirts or perfumes. By that time, I had reached college and discussed it with my friend. I and my friend have thought of starting our own coaching center. For which we had needed the finical support. The group of our 4 to 5 friends came together and started the project. It had failed in the first few months. But we didn\’t lose hope. During that time, one of my friends, Ovais had come up with an idea to start his own e-Commence Website like daraz.pk.

In 2017, we invested in the idea of the e-Commence business but, due to some tech issues, we had to drop the plan in middle at that time. I and Ovais had agreed that if this website would work, we would start our very own logistics company or service.

After facing major failures at the beginning of establishing our own business, we constantly worked hard and tried to find out the solution.

Here\’s how we got started…

In February 2020, once the lockdown was imposed in Karachi, people moved towards online shopping even for basic life\’s necessities, like; fruits and vegetables. This was the turning point and we entered the market without wasting the time.

I and Ovais started discussing the idea of providing a delivery service within Karachi. We talked for hours to discuss the benefits and issues we might face once we enter this market.

We had many discussions over the resources we required as well as how much time we would need to get going. Well, we contacted a few people for conducting the market research. Our teachers helped us in this process as well as friends and family.

In July 2020, we decided that we will be going forward with the plan basic. The project was to operate from social media and WhatsApp with our own website. To avoid past mistakes, we wanted to hire an IT professional who can manage and track our website\’s overall performance. And luckily, we got our childhood friend, Umar Yousuf who became part of this project.

Another friend, Shahrukh Naveed also become an investor in the project (Quickster Courier link). And today, Quickster Courier link is providing delivery services within Karachi since October 2020.

In June 2021, we expanded our business nationwide. We offer delivery services faster than any other service Quickster Courier link has gotten a positive response from our clients on this step. Now, we are planning to expand our services worldwide very soon.