Retool, Reflect and Restore

Jack Ma tells Chinese businessmen about the epidemic of Coronavirus. “Reflect on what you really want, what you have, and what you need to give up, or stick to”. 

In his lecture at the Hupan College, Jack Ma advised teachers and students ”to find direction amid crisis and change” that has been plaguing the superpower for some time. 

Ma reminded students to invest in digital working methods and adopt the internet as a source. Alibaba’s founder launched an online shopping platform in 2003 while his home country was going through the SARS outbreak. 

Jack Ma knows first hand how he and his team went through and made Taobao the world-leading E-commerce with 428 billion$ net revenue. 

Local Authorities have quarantined business operations in various cities across China, forcing its residents to stay at home and avoid public gatherings. 

Disneyland Shanghai is expected to lose more than 135 million dollars. 

Jack Ma retired as chairman on his 55th birthday to devote his time to grooming the next-gen of startups. However, he did recommend these 5 rules which he learned from KazuoInamori who came out of retirement to help Japan’s flag carrier. 

Rule one: Every employee should turn to sales

Even in a company with advanced tech, selling a product is still the foundation of the company’s operation. 

Rule Two: Spare no effort to develop new products

A recession is a golden opportunity for companies to innovate and expand sales. Clients are too free during the recession. They will propose new ideas after listening to you. 

Rule Three: Cut Costs

Recession is the only chance to cut costs, as our team would strive to make it happen. 

Rule Four: Maintain a High production Rate

Companies should maintain their usual high productivity rate even in times of recession, by reassigning excess labor from production to other tasks. 

Rule Five: Establish Public Relations between Managers and Employees

It is very important to maintain a constant, healthy relationship between managers and employees.