Story of RINSTRA goes back to 2007 when a group of Pakistani expatriates from USA started a volunteer organization called DICE – Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship. Mission of DICE is to create a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and indigenous products in Pakistan. In order to achieve this goal DICE has been working closely with academia, industry and government for the last 14 years and has established the largest innovation ecosystem across the country from Karachi to Chitral.

Every year innovations from universities are showcased to the investors and industry through many large scale innovation events across the country. Investment in innovations and young innovators has resulted in creation of many entrepreneurial ventures. A few years ago DICE decided to take on mega projects with a larger impact on the economy of Pakistan under a strategic initiative called National Innovation Basket (NIB).
RINSTRA is one of the DICE NIB projects, which originated from its Creative Arts and Media platform
(DICE CAM). Idea behind this project was to develop Pakistan’s global digital media platform. Pakistan is the sixth largest population in the world and do not have a major digital media platform of its own. Our story is narrated by international social media platforms, which is not always very positive. To change this narrative and improve the image of Pakistan. “We have to tell our story our way.” And with this mission, the idea for RINSTRA was conceived.

RINSTRA is Pakistan’s first short-form digital media platform for on-demand streaming and for creation of user generated original content on RINSTRA. RINSTRA content is innovative, entertaining, thought-provoking, informative and educational. RINSTRA provides entrepreneurship opportunities to emerging and established
content creators and film makers in Pakistan and beyond. RINSTRA gives content creators access to a large
Pakistani community around the globe. It is the gateway for Pakistani content and talent to the local and international media markets and digital platforms. Rising stars on RINSTRA are promoted on the main RINSTRA
platform that will open-up global opportunities for the artists.

Mission of RINSTRA is to provide economic opportunity for content creators. Therefore, higher percentage of revenue is shared with the artists as compared to the market rate.
Startups like RINSTRA bring a great deal of innovation to entertainment industry providing opportunities
to Pakistani youth. A wonderful effort to promote local talent and content. This is the beauty of entrepreneurship; it not only generates profits but also creates a strong social and economic impact. The only way left to upstart Pakistan!