Seller Advice For Startups

We wasted too much time in perfecting the product. That time could have easily been utilized in building quality online content. 

The start-up industry has a lot of stated rules. However, there are a lot of myths behind the start-up economy. I know firsthand since I belong to a start-up company. Let me share with you my experience. An experience of a lifetime. An experience that will help you build your economies of scale. In fact, as I’m writing this, I realize that I wish I had read this when I started out my startup journey. It would have changed the entire life landscape. Well, at least, I am writing it. For all the budding and aspirants out there. 

Are ideas really important? Is a start-up economy all about ideas only? This is a myth that needs to break. Ideas will never sell in the start-up economy. Ideas require a trigger mechanism. And that is the traffic to your application or website. Let me explain. Suppose you want to open up an E-commerce platform. Or perhaps you’re interested in a B2C or B2B business model. Irrespective of the type of business model you choose, the most important thing is customers. Or potential customers. Imagine that you have some amazing beauty products. And you know that they have the potential. But there is no customer base. In fact, you wasted more of your time in building the application, than understanding the social media market. 

Even Google states that the most important part is generating traffic. Traffic allows you to understand what type of customers will be purchasing your product line. Always remember that you can change products and services. However, building up a social media platform takes time. You have a lot of decisions to make. Do you want to drive traffic through organic traffic? Do you want traffic to come through social media? Are you going to invest the time and instruct them or Facebook? 

These were all questions that we had to decide on very later in the game. We created the best products and services, but never really had the traffic. And that was a big issue. We wasted too much time in perfecting the product. That time could have easily been utilized in building quality online content. The world is looking for solutions. And your content needs to drive that value. Online quality content writing is an art. Find great content writers. Drive traffic! 

The success of our company has been the social media platforms. We’ve been trying to drive traffic to our sites through Instagram and Facebook. This plays a very important part in building your value in the market. So the most important advice that I can give to startup companies is to first focus on social media platforms. Everything is evolving. Nothing is constant. Since nothing is inconstant then the most important part should be your traffic. 

Traffic defines how and why customers purchase items and services. Specifically, when you are an online store, you’ll find out what colors actually work. Do you place the widget on the left-hand side? Or do you actually have a call to action at the end of every article? All of these are very important aspects. The only way you’ll be able to answer them is through traffic. 

Work on social media is an alternative answer. Search keywords. Understand what customers are actually trying to purchase. There is a difference between keyword generation and certain keywords that customers use to purchase items. Let me give you an example. We are working with a company that sells law services. So if a customer types great lawyers in our area that is a good keyword but if they actually ask the question of how many people are getting divorced in a certain area, that is more of an inquiry-based question. So in the end the revolution begins with your strategy of driving traffic.