Sinovac is willing to invest in Pakistan’s healthcare industry

Sinovac representatives have shown an interest in developing collaborations for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases through investing in Pakistan’s health sector.

On Tuesday, a company delegation led by General Manager Qiang Gao told Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif that they were prepared to begin projects in Pakistan.

During the discussion, it was decided that the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) would organise a task force for Sinovac’s proposed projects in order to speed up the work execution process. Millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses have already been distributed, and the firm has played a key role in raising public immunity to the disease.

One of the government’s major priorities, according to the premier, is encouraging foreign direct investment in Pakistan.

Kevin Zhang, Sinovac’s Director of International Business, Abdul Qadir Patel, National Institute of Health (NIH) Executive Director Prof Dr Aamer Ikram, and other key officials attended the conference.

The prime minister praised the Chinese company’s investment offer and asked Mr Patel to organise a task team to oversee the company’s proposed project.

Meanwhile, in Islamabad, a two-day special campaign to administer the Covid-19 booster shot has begun.

The provision of Covid-19 booster doses began on the orders of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) NIH and the Ministry of NHS, according to District Health Office Dr Zaeem Zia.