Software engineers from Pakistan are becoming popular choices for US-based businesses

According to Jonathan Siddharth, CEO and co-founder of the California-based IT firm Turing, Pakistan is quickly becoming a preferred destination for US businesses looking to expand their software development teams.

Announcing in June that it would be concentrating its efforts on luring more software developers to Pakistan because it sees the South Asian economy as a high-potential market, Turing, a company that enables businesses to hire software engineers from all over the world, said that it sees the region as a high-potential market.

Turing places remote developers in long-term employment and hires them to work for top US-based businesses. Developers bargain for their own pay. The businesses must pay Turing more to use its platform.

“Software exports is a booming industry bringing significant revenue to national economies,” said Siddharth in response to queries sent by Business Recorder.

“Countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are fast emerging as top choices to ramp up software development teams. The tech talent of these countries is a significant asset that can bring endless opportunities in terms of foreign exchange to the national exchequer by exporting their expertise.”

Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, who is currently listed as the Chief Technology Officer, launched Turing in 2018. According to Siddharth, Turing operates in 150 nations and has more than 1.5 million software developers using their platform.

Details on its website imply that during its own vetting procedure, which involves assessing soft skills, it conducts live interviews and exams lasting longer than five hours.