SolarNest provides ease in the installation process by making it smooth. We ensure the customer’s satisfaction by providing them the multiple options by different companies and helping them to choose the best one among them.

Columbia climate school states that there is enough sunlight that sheds on earth in a single day to lighten up the entire planet for a year. The ever-increasing price of electricity in Pakistan and increased carbon footprint calls for another source of electricity. According to the study, with the use of solar panels, carbon footprints can be reduced by 80%. Solar energy is the most sustainable and green alternative of producing the pollution free energy. This leads to the use of solar energy more than ever. To meet up this demand, there are many solar companies working in the Pakistan market. Pakistan’s solar market is estimated to grow exponentially in the recent future. Good financing options, a large availability of best solar equipment and public awareness are the factors contributing to the rise of solar industry in Pakistan. But not every company is reliable as some work with low quality better price and others do not compromise on quality. Some can make a balance between both quality and the price. 

Most of the customers are unaware of the process of installation, quality and other complexities involved. The companies reduce prices compromising the quality and the customer is unaware of the twist. This happened to us too as we agreed on the least possible price from a company and were later unsatisfied by the quality. This incident ended up with an idea in our minds to provide the customers proper guidance and be the guarantor in the entire process. Further refinement of idea led to the development of SolarNest platform, where customers can compare the different companies online without any difficulty. Proper guidance on quality and other aspects of solar systems are given to the customers by our teams. After the counselling, the customers are able to select the most suitable quotation from the website. This is a complete 100% online experience provided by us to make the solar installation process smooth and easy in Pakistan. 

SolarNest has different exciting plans for future. The customers will find the financing options from SolarNest itself rather than getting it from the respective partner companies. Also, SolarNest will be expanding to the other cities of Pakistan soon. Currently, we are just operating in Lahore, Gujranwala, Islamabad, and surroundings.