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Special  Economic  Zones in Pakistan and Procedure to apply for allotment of industrial plot in Pakistan’s SEZs

Establishing Special  Economic  Zones  (SEZs) in  a  county is  a  fruitful  strategy  for  promoting  trade,  employment  and economic  growth of that nation. A  Special  Economic  Zone  (SEZ)  is  a  specific  area  of  the  land  used  to  promote  industrial growth  in  a  country  by  providing  more  lenient  economic  and  tax  policies  as  compare  to  general economic  policies  in  a  country. 

How to Register a Company in Pakistan? (Step by Step)

Limited personal liability is one of the most common reasons businesses become corporations. A corporation is a distinct legal entity, so incorporating protects the business owner’s personal assets, even if the corporation is in debt or facing other liabilities. It’s very easy nowadays to incorporate a company online by using the Securities and Exchange Commission …

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